Why bother on May 22 (this Thursday) and what really matters?


Voting in these local elections will not change who runs Oldham Council, who runs the Government or whether Britain stays in Europe.

Instead these local elections are about electing councillors who, instead of posturing, will face the challenges in local government head on – delivering services you expect whilst squeezing better value from your Council Tax.

When the Liberal Democrats ran the council, we delivered award-winning local services whilst averting imminent financial disaster; in opposition, we have acted responsibly, challenging Labour where necessary and working with them whenever we can.

In contrast, what have the Conservatives done as an opposition party? The answer is simple: nothing – apart from voting with Labour!

We believe that the council must:

Get the basics right.

· Oldham people want clean streets, potholes filled and bins collected.

· Under the Liberal Democrats, Oldham officially had the cleanest streets in Greater Manchester – under Labour they are only getting dirtier.

· Under the Lib Dems, £10 million was found for highway improvements – under Labour only £2 million.

Save money on bureaucracy whilst protecting front-line services.

· In our last two alternative budgets, we found money to keep the Bulky Bob household collection service free, for more gully cleaning, and for better care for our elderly and looked-after children – ideas all dismissed by Labour and Conservatives.

Devolve real power and budgets to local communities

· Lib Dem councillors have always championed independent district partnerships. We also serve enthusiastically on two Parish Councils.

Find ways to generate new income.

· Liberal Democrats want council investment in renewable energy projects. This is good for our environment and the council’s finances too – bringing in sustainable income for at least the next quarter century.

Labour will no doubt blame the Liberal Democrats for ‘the cuts’.

They won’t tell you that cuts were only necessary because they left the country in financial ruin or that Oldham Liberal Democrats successfully lobbied minsters to stop further cuts in our finances.

Labour say they support the poor and make great play of their Council Tax freeze (paid for by Coalition Government money).

Labour last year hit everyone with a 3.7% Council Tax increase and forced our poorest citizens to pay Council Tax for the first time.

And they have only spent a third of the extra money given to them by this government to help the poor.

Liberal Democrats championed a plan to reduce the impact of welfare reform on the disabled and proposed a Council Tax hardship fund paid for by the airport dividend.

Labour say they support workers.

Yet they imposed a three year pay freeze on lower-paid Council workers

Instead the Liberal Democrats demanded that council jobs went to local people and that the council should become a National Living Wage employer.

Voting Liberal Democrat means supporting sound finance and reliable public services, and a party putting people and communities first.

It means you will elect a local councillor who will champion your community and area, and be on your side!

To return your hard working local councillor Rod Blyth and your local MEP Chris Davies, who lives in Saddleworth:

VOTE 1 for Rod Blyth on the YELLOW ballot paper

and to VOTE for our local MEP Chris Davies vote LIBERAL DEMOCRATS on the WHITE ballot paper

Temporary two way traffic signals are to be placed on Milnrow Road near to its junction with Oswald Street from 12-18 May


Temporary two way traffic signals are to be placed on Milnrow Road near to its junction with Oswald Street from 12-18 May to carry out work on a gas main.

The contractor has been instructed to manually operate the signals between 7.30am – 9.30am and 3.30pm – 6.00pm to manage queue lengths.

Emergency Contact & Telephone Number in the Event of Traffic Signal Failure: Balfour Beatty Out of Hours – 0800 121 4444

HAVE YOUR SAY ON THE MILNROW ROAD CROSSING PLANS – Closing date for comments 22nd April


Click on the link for each of the proposals, send your views to [email protected] so we can put your views forward. this is your chance to have your say, the closing date for your views is the 22nd April 2014. Please send your views to us so we can put your views forward so we can have the best option chosen by you the residents.

If you have any questions, just email us and we will endeavor to answer them for you.

Proposal_1___Signal_Junction (1)


Proposal_3___Gyratory (1)




Councillors Rod Blyth, Mark Alcock and Howard Sykes.

Also Parish Councillors Aspinall, Farrell, Duffy, Hall, Stephens, Dodd, Robinson, Murphy and Wood will also attend.

7.30pm – 8.30pm, Lifelong Learning Centre, High Street, Shaw, OL2 8TB.

Thursday: February: 6, 13.


SAVE SHAWSIDE PARK (Cowlishaw) tomorrow final day to lodge your objections – 28th February


We have recently learnt that there are currently proposals, out for consultation, about Shawside Park (Off Cowlishaw Lane/rear of Royton and Crompton School) possibly being used for housing development in the future.

These proposals if confirmed by the Planning Inspectorate could mean that Shawside Park will be lost and houses could be built in its place.

Responding to this consultation is about making it impossible/harder for the land to be used for future development and ensuring we keep Shawside Park as a piece of green space for local residents, their children and its recreational use.

If you do want to keep Shawside Park from being used for housing then I urge you to send your objections to the address below BEFORE 21 February 2014.

Below is a suggestion that may give you some ideas about what grounds to object on. Please feel free to expand/use your own words on this. You can of course add your own objections to it as well.

Some 20 years ago local residents ignored a similar consultation process about various pieces of land in Shaw and Crompton. I am afraid to say that a couple of important green spaces from then have now been built upon as a result.

Please do not let the same happen to Shawside Park – Me and my children and grandchildren have played their and I want others to have the same opportunity.

Strategic Planning and Information
Oldham Council
Room 310
Civic Centre

OR: Email: [email protected]
Dear Sir/Madam

Local Plan 2016 – 2026 Site Allocation Plan Ref No: 1551

I wish to lodge an objection to the use of Shawside Park, Cowlishaw Lane for residential, employment or mixed use.

I would like to see Shawside Park protected as Open Space.

I am concerned about the lack of recreational facilities in Shaw and Crompton and Shawside Park is the nearest park to Shaw Town Centre.

Yours faithfully

REMEMBER: Please include your name and address, including postcode and email if you have one.

My objection is below:

Dear Sir/Madam
Re: Local Plan 2016 – 2026 Site Allocation Plan Ref: 1551
I refer to the above and wish to lodge my objection to the use of Shawside Park, Cowlishaw Lane for residential employment or mixed use.

Shawside Park is the nearest green space for lots of properties in Shaw, many of which do not even have a garden.

I am very concerned about the lack of recreational facilities and informal space in Shaw and Crompton and would, therefore, like to see Shawside Park protected as open space.

Yours sincerely

Mark Alcock

Shadow Cabinet Member: Business and Town Centres
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Shaw Ward
Email: [email protected]