Remembrance Sunday parade and service

LEST WE FORGET – Wear your Poppy with PRIDE

Today, tomorrow, wear your Poppy with pride for the sacrifices so many of our service personal have made in the past and are making today and everyday in OUR name – show your support by wearing your poppy with pride!!!!

Rochd​​ale Remembrance Sunday parade and service

Sunday, 11 November 2018

ALL WELCOME TO ATTEND to show your appreciation and support

10.15am: meet on Yorkshire Street at the St Marys Gate End.
10.45am: the parade will depart to the Cenotaph by heading down Yorkshire Street and on to The Esplanade.
10.45am: ward councillors, magistrates, officers and other civic guests will assemble in the Town Hall Exchange.
10.50am: the Mayor, Chief Executive, MP, Leader of the Council, Opposition Leader and Church leaders will leave the main entrance of the town hall for the Service at the Cenotaph. At the end of the march, the Mayoral Party will return to the town hall and the parade will go to Packer Street.
12midday: Rochdale will commemorate the centenary of the end of World One War One with a carousel, swing boats and other family entertainment. 



Friends of Crompton Moor are looking for volunteers to help assist with the maintenance and protection of Crompton Moor and the surrounding area.

Here is an extract from their website:

The Friends of Crompton Moor are a conservation group with an interest in the welfare of the environment, flora and fauna of the area generally known as ‘Crompton Moor’, that lies between Shaw and Saddleworth, in the borough of Oldham.

In short, we are a volunteer group, prepared to work with the local council or any other party who have influence over, or interest in the future and well-being of Crompton Moor and its immediate surrounding area.


Email – [email protected]

Phone – 07792 156295

Well done Cllr Howard Sykes on your award of an MBE


I would like to congratulate my ward colleague Cllr Howard Sykes on being awarded an MBE for his services to local government.

Howard has been a Borough and Parish Councillor for over 27 years here in Shaw, over that time Howard has helped thousands of people with problems and he continues to works tirelessly to get the best for the residents of Shaw and Crompton. I’m proud to help Howard and along with Cllr Rod Blyth and all our Parish Councillors we continue to fight on behalf of residents of our area.

Why bother on May 22 (this Thursday) and what really matters?


Voting in these local elections will not change who runs Oldham Council, who runs the Government or whether Britain stays in Europe.

Instead these local elections are about electing councillors who, instead of posturing, will face the challenges in local government head on – delivering services you expect whilst squeezing better value from your Council Tax.

When the Liberal Democrats ran the council, we delivered award-winning local services whilst averting imminent financial disaster; in opposition, we have acted responsibly, challenging Labour where necessary and working with them whenever we can.

In contrast, what have the Conservatives done as an opposition party? The answer is simple: nothing – apart from voting with Labour!

We believe that the council must:

Get the basics right.

· Oldham people want clean streets, potholes filled and bins collected.

· Under the Liberal Democrats, Oldham officially had the cleanest streets in Greater Manchester – under Labour they are only getting dirtier.

· Under the Lib Dems, £10 million was found for highway improvements – under Labour only £2 million.

Save money on bureaucracy whilst protecting front-line services.

· In our last two alternative budgets, we found money to keep the Bulky Bob household collection service free, for more gully cleaning, and for better care for our elderly and looked-after children – ideas all dismissed by Labour and Conservatives.

Devolve real power and budgets to local communities

· Lib Dem councillors have always championed independent district partnerships. We also serve enthusiastically on two Parish Councils.

Find ways to generate new income.

· Liberal Democrats want council investment in renewable energy projects. This is good for our environment and the council’s finances too – bringing in sustainable income for at least the next quarter century.

Labour will no doubt blame the Liberal Democrats for ‘the cuts’.

They won’t tell you that cuts were only necessary because they left the country in financial ruin or that Oldham Liberal Democrats successfully lobbied minsters to stop further cuts in our finances.

Labour say they support the poor and make great play of their Council Tax freeze (paid for by Coalition Government money).

Labour last year hit everyone with a 3.7% Council Tax increase and forced our poorest citizens to pay Council Tax for the first time.

And they have only spent a third of the extra money given to them by this government to help the poor.

Liberal Democrats championed a plan to reduce the impact of welfare reform on the disabled and proposed a Council Tax hardship fund paid for by the airport dividend.

Labour say they support workers.

Yet they imposed a three year pay freeze on lower-paid Council workers

Instead the Liberal Democrats demanded that council jobs went to local people and that the council should become a National Living Wage employer.

Voting Liberal Democrat means supporting sound finance and reliable public services, and a party putting people and communities first.

It means you will elect a local councillor who will champion your community and area, and be on your side!

To return your hard working local councillor Rod Blyth and your local MEP Chris Davies, who lives in Saddleworth:

VOTE 1 for Rod Blyth on the YELLOW ballot paper

and to VOTE for our local MEP Chris Davies vote LIBERAL DEMOCRATS on the WHITE ballot paper