Have you got your postal vote?

Dear Friends,

A quick reminder – if you have received your Postal Vote, don’t forget to post it back soon.

Postal voting instructions

People who applied for a postal vote in the last month or so, or specifically for this election, are due to receive their ballot from today. It’s especially important to get these ones in the post quickly to make sure they get back in time to be counted.

Thank you for all the positive email messages of support I’ve been receiving. People seem to really appreciate the hard work that the Lib Dem team and I do in the local community. They appreciate the fact that we are active in the local community all year round – we don’t just show up at election times like the other parties.

Don’t forget – Voting for any other party just helps Labour elect another town hall yes man to win round here.

Above all, don’t forget that in a local election the most important thing is getting a local person who people can rely on to speak up for this area. I’ve been touched to hear more and more people saying that’s why they’re voting for me this time.

With best wishes – and thankyou.

Mark Alcock

Liberal Democrat Candidate for HEALEY WARD

P.S. If you have any questions about the election, please get in touch. Don’t forget, it will be very close between me and the Labour yes man – so make sure your vote counts!

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