New Friends group launched for Syke and Cronkeyshaw Commons

Cronkeyshaw Common from Further Heights Road

Reproduced from Rochdale Online: Date published: 10 April 2021

A group of residents have formed a new Friends group to promote, protect and enhance green spaces in Syke and Cronkeyshaw.

The group was founded at a meeting in March when 10 residents, supported by two ward councillors, came together to discuss ways of maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of the area.

At the meeting, the new friends agreed the scope would include Limersgate from Iron Waters Bridge to the common and across the common to Heights Lane.

It also includes the entirety of the common (and the pond) from Syke Chapel to Heights Lane. Finally, the scope includes Syke Wood and the Joy Street Greenway.

The aims of the group, named Friends of Syke and Cronkeyshaw (FOSAC), include:

  • To provide opportunities for community members to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of the area
  • To promote the care and improvement of existing and historic features within the area; making them safe, welcoming, accessible and enjoyable for all, now and in the future

A new committee was elected. Tricia Ayrton was elected chair, Julie Clarke, secretary and Stuart Bromley, treasurer.

The pond on Syke Common. Photo: Google, DigitalGlobe

Immediate plans include working closely with Rochdale Council, Healey Ward Forum and wider partners to develop long terms plans, bring in funding to complete projects and organise community events such as litter picks.

Tricia said: “We are blessed with so many beautiful spots around the area which are well loved and well used by the community; we can really be proud of them.

“As local residents, we wanted to come together see what we could do to promote, protect and enhance these areas of beautiful spaces. We hope to build a real buzz around the group and our green spaces.

“Clearly everyone has had a terrible time in the last 12 months so it is nice to look at doing something positive, which I hope to bring the community together.”

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