Come On Boris! Don’t Leave Us Dangling!

Local Lib Dems urge prime minister to decide on May elections as soon as possible.

Rochdale Lib Dems Spokesperson on Westminster Mark Alcock has written to the Prime Minister asking for decisive action on this years elections planned for 6th May. “It is exactly 100 days until the polls are scheduled to open for the biggest set of elections all on one day since 1973.”said Alcock “Local Council, Greater Manchester Mayoral, By-Elections, Police and Crime Commissioners, Scottish Parliamentary, Welsh Parliamentary and London Assembly are all due up on the same day.”

Rochdale Council Chamber

Rochdale Council Chamber

Alcock goes on to say “Boris Johnson has a track record of not making the big decisions on time, leaving it until the last minute and then presenting the hard choice as the only thing that can be done. There are hundreds and thousands of candidates, campaigners, local authority staff and volunteers who are waiting to hear whether the elections will be postponed again or not. Leaving the decision until the eleventh hour doesn’t help anyone and could cost the public purse a massive waste of money.”

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Will You Get To Chose In May?

Following the postponement of the 2020 elections there will be a minimum of a 2 year break since people were last able to exercise their democratic rights. Another postponement would lead to an even bigger backlog of elections. In addition to which, some elected officials will have retired, moved away or will no longer be eligible to stand. “Time is running out fast.” concluded Alcock.

“Either give the green light so everyone can make appropriate arrangements or set a new date so that reasonable and proper adjustments can be made. Just don’t leave it til the last minute Boris!”

Mark Alcock (Healey Liberal Democrats)

Mark Alcock, Westminster Spokesperson

Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton Liberal Democrats

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