MARK ALCOCK on Rochdale Markets – We Can do Better

Rochdale Market as the rain comes down

Mark Alcock and Rochdale Liberal Democrats are calling on the Labour Council to act decisively on the markets before the situation descends into farce.

The Labour Council didn’t listen to advice and has tried to relaunch the market on the cheap and it has failed.

Flimsy gazebos with no proper water or power were obviously going to fail and traders are walking away. Who can blame them?

This is Rochdale, not the South of France and the market should have been designed in a semi-covered area with proper structures not something that resembles a waterlogged summer fete.

The Labour Council should accept that they didn’t listen to advice and should now go to the developers of the new shopping centre with designs for a market that complements their scheme and which will provide a high quality setting for traders. We are confident that the developers will understand that a vibrant market together with major chain stores is a compelling reason for people to visit Rochdale and will want to invest in a market that does Rochdale proud.

Rochdale must have a diverse, quality shopping offer to compete but the Labour Council has chosen the cheapest solution and are now learning the hard way that quality and cheap are two very different things.

We as Rochdale resident’s deserve better from our Council and how they spend OUR Council Tax.

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