Rochdale responds to council leader’s threat


Councillor Alan Brett

Rochdale online 17th April 2018

Residents of the borough have responded to the threat made by the leader of the council, Councillor Allen Brett, to deprive an area of Rochdale of council money if Labour does not retain the seat at the forthcoming local election.

Milnrow and Newhey Councillor Irene Davidson said: “Well done Rochdale Online for releasing this and who ever recorded it, you deserve a medal. There are some hard-working councillors on Rochdale Council who do a lot for their wards and this town, but they go unnoticed due to things like this going on, we deserve better.”

Lawrence Glendinning said: “It’s disgusting. Isn’t this also essentially blackmail too?”

Liz Thirsk commented: “That’s him gone. At last. I have witnessed this approach to funding several times.

“Go to any township meeting and watch. If your ward is represented by a councillor not of their persuasion you are fighting a losing battle.”

“Get this ‘toxic’ lot out,” said Steve Mullington.

John Turner added: “That is a very serious misdemeanour. Firstly, Brett should be ashamed of himself. Secondly, his character puts him in the ‘wrong ‘un’ category and obviously not fit for any kind of office.”

Ian Parry noted: “I’m sure that over the years he has genuinely helped hundreds of people, but his political career is now in tatters because he was arrogant enough to believe he could do as he liked in the town… just like Farnell and Smith.”

David Clayton said: “This is very serious and perfectly illustrates the almost despotic way Labour is running our town. It undermines the whole concept of democracy.

“Well done Rochdale Online for getting hold of this and having the guts to publish. Now over to the people of Rochdale. Whichever way you vote nationally, let’s get rid of these. It is immoral and it is wrong.”

Scott Barker added: “I’d be interested to know what he said after the recording stopped about canvassing in Milnrow, I’m betting it was nothing good. Well done to the person who recorded it; you’ve done the town a service by exposing this.”

In the audio clip, understood to have been recorded at a local Labour Party meeting, Councillor Brett is explaining that £12million is to be spent on the borough’s roads and footpaths.

At the end of the two minute clip, Councillor Brett can be heard saying: “…the budget remains fixed at £12 million [inaudible]. I’ve been given an indicative list of where it’s likely to have [sic], but I’m not releasing it – because I’ll deny I’ve said this, and I’m very reluctant to say it even in this room –  if we don’t do [sic] successful in one ward, I might not spend any money in that ward. You can work that out, but I’ll deny I’ve said it; I will.

Murmurs of “Milnrow” can (just) be heard in the background from others in the room as Councillor Brett adds: “Because I’m not having, like I was canvassing yesterday, to be told in Milnrow…”

When asked to comment before knowing he had been recorded, the council leader said: “No it is not true and I do not respond to rumours.”

When asked if he wanted to change his position in light of the recording, Councillor Brett did not respond

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